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27 October 2020
Social Sciences & Humanities in EU Green Deal Call

This virtual international Information Day and Brokerage Event will highlight research topics und the European Green Deal Call with a relevance of the Social Sciences and Humanities.

Participants will have the possibility to join in a Matchmaking Event. The matchmaking event will give participants the opportunity to join pre-arranged meetings with other participants in order to identify possible collaborators and to facilitate the setup of project consortia.

Researchers, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders actively looking for project partners, can present their project during a flash presentation session.

The matchmaking session will be preceded by an information session given by the European Commission and the Research Executive Agency which will focus on the policy context, funding opportunities and the open calls for proposals. This info session will bring valuable insights for your proposal preparation, adding important background information to compliment the bilateral meetings in the afternoon part of the event.


  • The European Green Deal topics with SSH relevance
  • Current developments and policy context for the call
  • Expected impact of the projects related to a just and sustainable societal transition
  • Fast and fruitful pre-arranged meetings to foster effective international networking and to facilitate the setup of Horizon 2020 project consortia

Horizon 2020 driven events

  • Present, discuss and develop new project ideas at international level
  • Get the latest information from the European Commission
  • Acquire new cross-border contacts and initiate collaborations
  • Facilitate the setup of quality partnerships in view of the open Horizon 2020 calls

For further Matchmaking opportunities, also visit the Partner Search Tool of NCPs CaRE

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Austria 6
Azerbaijan 1
Belgium 38
Bulgaria 1
Croatia 1
Cyprus 2
Czech Republic 1
Denmark 25
Estonia 11
Finland 12
France 60
Germany 7
Greece 6
Greenland 1
Hungary 8
Ireland 14
Israel 17
Italy 32
Latvia 3
Lithuania 3
Luxembourg 1
Malta 1
Mauritius 1
Netherlands 31
Nigeria 1
Norway 9
Poland 27
Portugal 9
Reunion 3
Romania 1
Slovakia 6
Slovenia 1
Spain 49
Sweden 4
Switzerland 6
Tunisia 1
Turkey 106
United Kingdom 13
Total 519


Start-up 7
SME 51
Large Company 17
University 257
R&D Institution 70
Association/Agency/NGO 49
Authority/Government 42
Other 26
Total 519